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Extreme heat has led to more deaths than any other natural disaster in Australia. It is important to plan ahead for extended periods of hot weather and heat waves.

Extreme heat can affect anybody and cause illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke which may be fatal.

 Stay healthy in extreme heat
 Strategies for coping with heat
 Facilities available to assist the community in keeping cool
 Red Cross Telecross - Wellbeing and Safety Checks
 Be prepared for power outages

Stay healthy in extreme heat
For more information on staying healthy during the heat and to stay up to date with heat health alert information, visit Emergency Victoria. Take care and stay healthy during extreme heat. 

People most at risk from extreme heat include those aged over 65, people who may have a medical condition such as diabetes, people with a disability, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, babies and young children and people who work or are physically active outdoors.

If you are experiencing health difficulties due to heat exposure you should see your doctor, contact Nurse-On-Call on 1300 60 60 24 or for urgent assistance or in an emergency call 000.

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Strategies for coping with heat
 Keep cool by spending as much time as possible in cool or air-conditioned buildings.
 Drink plenty of water.
 Stay out of the sun.
 Avoid strenuous activity like sport, home improvements or gardening.
 Wear loose fitting clothing and a hat.
 Never leave children, adults or animals in parked vehicles.
 Stay in touch with sick or frail friends, neighbours or relatives.

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Facilities available to assist the community in keeping cool
 Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlope Learning Centre, 2 Fawckner Drive Benalla
 The Benalla Art Gallery, 2A Bridge Street West, Benalla
 The Benalla Aquatic Centre, 4 Mair Street, Benalla (a fee applies)

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Red Cross Telecross - Wellbeing and Safety Checks

A phone call each day to check you’re ok

Telecross gives peace of mind to people who live alone and to their carers through making a daily phone call 365 days of the year to check on the person’s well being and safety.

Red Cross provides a free daily telephone call to people who are isolated and at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed.

Telecross provides reassurance, helps older people maintain their independence and allows people to continue to live with confidence in their own homes.

Red Cross volunteers ring at an agreed time each day and, if calls go unanswered, they take swift action to make sure everything’s okay. Just knowing that help is never far away makes all the difference to those we call, and their loved ones.

Trained and friendly volunteers make calls each morning, 365 days a year. In the event of three calls going unanswered in one day, Red Cross commences an escalation procedure to make sure the client is okay. The details of the activation are prearranged with each Telecross client.

Thanks to a simple daily phone call over 5,000 older Australians are supported to continue living in their own homes. Reaching out to people who may lack other connections, and are at risk of an undetected accident or illness, gives vital reassurance.

A friendly voice, perhaps the only one they’ll hear all day, is a welcome moment of human contact.

Red Cross acknowledges the work of our dedicated team of volunteers who make the calls each morning.

Telecross is well aligned with the Australian Government Aged Care Reforms, it supports people to live independently in the community.

 The Red Cross site also has additional information.

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Be prepared for power outages

In extreme weather conditions, the risk of power outage is greater and people should be prepared and have a plan to manage blackouts. Consider your need for back-up power if you are highly reliant on electricity and don’t rely on power as part of any bushfire preparedness plan.
Remember power outages can also affect phones, radios and water pumps - so arrange for alternatives that do not rely on electricity supply.

Have a battery-powered radio and spare batteries or a wind-up radio available to hear any alerts and warnings in case power fails

Have a landline with a card, a fully charged mobile phone as a backup and a spare battery

Have a non-electric pump available that can be operated from an alternative water supply such as a swimming pool, concrete or metal tank or dam

if you have special needs contact your electricity retail company

This guide to power outages can help you prepare.

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