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All businesses in Benalla Rural City which prepare, store or sell food are required, unless specifically exempted, to be registered by Council under the Food Act 1984.

Council’s Public Health Team is responsible for the registration and inspection of Food Premises within the municipality including Temporary Food Premises/Food Stalls and events conducted by Community Groups.

Inspections are conducted to ensure that all Food Premises are maintained in a clean and sanitary state and that food handlers prepare and serve food in a hygienic manner.

Please refer to the following topics relating to food premises and specific food safety issues:

Food Safety
 Registering a New Food Premises
 Purchasing an Existing Food Premises
 Temporary Food Premises / Market Stalls
 Food Premises Classification, Food Safety Programs and Food Safety Supervisors
 Food Safety Information
 Online Food Safety Learning Course
 Food Complaints
 Private Drinking Water Supplies
For further information about food safety, please contact Council's Environmental Health Team on 57602683.
Shop, Store, Cook and Eat Safe
The Department of Health has launched a new animation ‘Shop, store, cook and eat safe’ that illustrates the importance of food safety in the home.

Food poisoning can be serious for unborn babies, young children, older people, and people with conditions that weaken their immune systems - but there are easy steps we can all take to prevent getting sick.

The animation stars Brian, Bobby, Billy and Bernie bacteria and reminds us of the importance of keeping bacteria away by shopping, storing, cooking and eating safely. It is also available in Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Watch ‘Shop, store, cook and eat safe’ here.
Gastro Cases Linked to Drinking Unpasteurised Milk - December 2014
Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Dr Rosemary Lester has issued a warning about the dangers of drinking raw cow’s milk, which is labelled and sold for cosmetic use only.

Her warning has been prompted by five cases of gastroenteritis in children following the consumption of unpasteurised milk.
“There have been three cases of Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) and two cases of cryptosporidiosis,” Dr Lester said.

“HUS is a rare condition which affects the kidneys and the bloodstream. Cryptosporidiosis is a parasitic infection that commonly presents as gastroenteritis with watery diarrhoea.

“All cases drank unpasteurised milk which was sold as ‘bath’ milk or ‘cosmetic’ milk.”

The sale of unpasteurised milk for human consumption is illegal in Victoria; but the packaging is often very similar to other milk products.

Everyone is vulnerable to illness caused by the organisms present in raw milk, but the risks are even greater for young children and for the elderly, those with underlying health problems, compromised immunity or pregnant.

For more information see the Better Health Channel’s factsheet

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 Food Act 1984
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