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Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
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Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural City
Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural Council
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Benalla Rural Council
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This webpage has a variety of maps and information that maybe of assistance to you. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a range of internal/external links.

Aerial photo of Benalla
Mobility Map for Benalla

Accessible travel around Benalla has been aided by the recent launch of a Benalla City Centre Mobility Map. The Mobility Map shows the location of community facilities within the central business district, including accessible toilets and parking, baby change tables, scooter recharge points and public seating.

  Mobility Map for Benalla

Benalla Rural City Council - unsubdivided muncipality
Benalla Rural City has an area of 2,354 sq km with a population of over 13,000 at the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census night.

Following its major review of municipal boundaries in 2007, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) recommended the Benalla Rural City's seven wards be dissolved with future Councils consisting of seven Councillors elected from an unsubdivided municipality.

The review found that it would be in the municipality's best interest to have an unsubdivided structure and that seven Councillors was an appropriate number for the number of voters. Seven Councillors will be responsible for a more equitable "whole of Rural City" approach. Councillors will be able to focus on their areas of expertise, rather than just geographic issues.

From November 2008, all Victorian local council elections will be held every four years on the last Saturday in November.

For further information on enrolment and voting at an election, contact the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on 13 18 32 or visit their website by clicking on the following link:-
  Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) webpage

Benalla Rural City - Unsubdivided municipal electoral boundary map
Click on the following link to download a copy of the Benalla Rural City Unsubdivided municipal electoral boundary map supplied by the Victorian Electoral Commission.
  Benalla Rural City Unsubdivided Electoral Boundary Map

Map Links to Council Information
The following links are to various Benalla Rural City maps.

Due to the large size of some of the maps they may take a long time to download. It is recommended that they be opened through Broadband.
  Benalla Rural City Map
  Benalla Urban Map

Map Links to external websites
The following links relate to external websites which includes several Department of Environment Land Wate and Planning Environment (DELWP) webpages where a large variety of online services covering the state of Victoria can be found. 

By using the interactive maps you can search information such as property boundaries, aerials, planning zones, biodiversity and other relevant information displayed spatially. 

Please note Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy and content on third party sites.
  DELWP - Access property and parcel interactive maps
  DELWP - Interactive planning scheme maps & related information
  DELWP - biodiversity,native vegetation,flora & fauna maps
  Public Transport Victoria (PTV) route maps and info
  State Library of Victoria - search for old parish plans, maps
  Public Transport Victoria (PTV) routes
  Help map feral animal sightings in your area
  Geoscience Australia
Benalla Rural Council
  Benalla Rural Council

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Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural City 
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