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Benalla Rural Council
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Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
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Under the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) a Council must make a local law governing the conduct of meetings of the Council and special committees (section 91) to ensure the orderly function of Council business and the use of the Councilís Common Seal (section 5(3)(c)). In addition the Council is responsible for enforcing a wide range of Local Laws and Legislation which includes State Acts and Regulations.
This page contains links to Council's Local Laws including parking rules and the rules applying to firewood collection.

Local Laws
Review of Local Laws 2016

Community Local Law

Benalla Rural City is currently in the process of reviewing its Community Local Law. The purpose of these laws is to:- provide peace, order and good governance to the municipality in a safe and healthy environment so that the community can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations.  The safe and equitable use and enjoyment of public places, the protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality, the fair and reasonable use and enjoyment of private land and the uniform and fair administration of this Local Law.

The Community Local Law 2016 and policy document are available below.The Local Law was made at the Council Meeting on 31 August 2016.

Governance Local Law

Benalla Rural City Council made its Governance Local Law 2016 (formerly called Meeting Procedures) on 31 August 2016. The Governance Local Law 2016 and Community Impact Statement are available from the links below.

Firewood Collection
Protection of native vegetation on roadsides is very important as it commonly represents the only remaining remnant vegetation in a landscape, it provides connectivity to other remnants, it provides food and shelter to native fauna and often contains threatened species and habitats.

Fallen timber provides habitat for larger animals and also provides a food source for smaller creatures.

When trees and fallen timber are removed from roadsides animal habitats are removed also. Many native animals have been badly affected by the removal of fallen timber from their habitat, with many of these species now endangered. Examples include the Swift Parrot, Grey-Crowned Babbler, Squirrel Glider, Regent Honeyeater, Brush Tailed Phascogale and Bush Stone Curlew.
Do I need a permit to collect firewood in a road reserve?
Yes. You must obtain an ‘Occupation of a Road for Works Permit – Firewood Collection’. Call the Council's Compliance team on 03 5760 2600 or call in at the Customer Service Centre, 1 Bridge Street East, Benalla.
Further Information
Benalla Rural City Council: 03 5760 2600

Department of Land, Water and Planning: 136 186

Download Files
 Governance Local Law 2016
 Governance Local Law 2016 - Community Impact Statement
 Community Local Law 2017 - Draft
 Community Local Law 2009
 Policy Document for Community Local Law
 Domestic Animal Management Plan
 Community Local Law 2017 - Policy Document
 Parking Rules - Disabled Parking
 Parking Rules - Double Parking
 Parking Rules - Loading Zones
 Parking Rules - No Stopping Zones
 Parking Rules - Parallel Parking on a Road
 Parking Rules - Parking on the Nature Strip
 Parking Rules - Stopping in a Bus Zone
 Parking Rules - Stopping on Roads - Heavy and Long Vehicles
 Map - no firewood collection
 Firewood Collection - Fact Sheet
 List of Road Names - no firewood collection
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Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
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