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Lodging Tenders Electronically
Council's method for tender submissions is electronic via an e-Tendering portal.Tenders and quotes are only to be submitted electronically via the E-tendering website. Hardcopy tender and quote submissions will not be received.

To view Council's current tender notices log onto the E-Tendering portal here.

Tenderers lodging their submission electronically should allow sufficient time to ensure their submission has been fully uploaded by the closing time on the closing date. The electronic tendering system will automatically lock at the closing time. Any incomplete uploads will stop and your tender will not have been accepted. Ensure that you have clicked the save and submit button on the E-tender portal.

If you require additional clarification that your submission has been received call Council's Contracts and Procurement Coordinator on 03 5760 2629 PRIOR to the close of tender date and time.

Late tenders will not be accepted. 

Procedures for uploading a tender response via the e-tender portal

  1. Please see the step by step guide to submitting your tender response:

  2. Log in to the system (under Member Login) using your email and password.

  3. Click on the Tender (hyperlinked part) in question. (This should take you to the Tender Details tab if you have already registered your interest for the tender.

  4. Click on the Fourth Tab along called 'Response'.

  5. Scroll down and you will see a Multiple Upload option and a browse button. (NOTE - Use this if you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you are using any other browser use the Basic Upload)

  6. Click on the Browse button and find your file. (NOTE - You can do this for more than one file by selecting more than one at once or you can do this action multiple times for each file individually.)

  7. Click Open.

  8. Your file will process and start to upload in the box below on the main page. There will be a percentage bar next to the file. When this is Green and shows the word COMPLETE then it is ready to be sent off to the organisation.

  9. Click Save and Submit. (Located at the bottom of the screen.)

  10. You will see a 'Thank you for your Submission' on the screen and you should receive an email submission confirmation.

If you do not receive an submission confirmation email or you need assistance please call either Tendersearch on 1800 836 337 or Council's Contracts and Procurement Coordinator on 03 5760 2629.

Current Requests for Quote are:


Current Tenders

 CM17.031 Provision of domestic animal pound services 2017 to 2022 - panel (access via e-tendering portal link above).



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