Event Application Form

Event application

Submitting this application form is the first step in applying for approval to stage your event in Benalla Rural City. This application form should be used in conjunction with Benalla Rural City’s Event Planning Guide.

In addition to completing this application, activities associated with your event may require additional permits. Reference to additional permits required can be found in the Event Planning Guide.

Please note: This is an extensive form and may take some time to complete.

What are the stages to gain event approval?

Stage 1

Submit your completed Event Application form. Completion of the form will assist you in identifying what you will be required to do to stage your event.

Stage 2

Event approval will be provided once your event plan and associated documents have been assessed and all necessary permits granted.

Before you proceed, we suggest you check Benalla Rural City Council’s website event calendar (www.benalla.vic.gov.au) to see what other events are scheduled for your proposed event date.

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The event location is on: * (required)

Section 1: Event applicant information
Section 2: Event overview
In describing the event, please include event details such as the proposed event program and activities.
Time of event:
Is Benalla Rural City Council contributing any funds to this event? * (required)
Funding support may be available depending on the nature of your event. Please refer to the Event Planning Guide for further information.

If possible, would you like this event listed in the Benalla Rural City Council's events calendar? * (required)

Please be aware that this number will be made public.
If possible, would you like this event promoted in the Council’s news column in the Benalla Ensign? * (required)

Would you like information on how to book and advertise your event on the community bridge board? * (required)

Have you advised all surrounding residents and commercial properties of the event? * (required)

Is alcohol being made available at your event?: * (required)

If yes, a Liquor License will be required from Liquor Licensing Victoria and permission obtained from the Council’s Compliance Department.

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Section 3: Developing your event site plan
Access for all
Please describe how you will ensure that your event is accessible for people of all abilities:
Emergency services
Emergency services must be notified of your event. Contact details for each of the departments below can be found at the end of this form.
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Will your event include temporary structures such as portable stages, temporary seating, marquees, amusement rides or other constructions? * (required)

Note: You may need to obtain a Application for Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE). Refer to the Event Planning Guide for further information.
Will your event include amplified music or speeches? * (required)

Refer to the Event Planning Guidelines or contact the Environmental Health Officer for more information.
Please refer to the Event Planning Guidelines if your event includes any fireworks or other pyrotechnics and provide the following details:
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First Aid
Will First Aid be available at your event? * (required)
Please note: most events will require a First Aid presence. Refer to the Event Planning Guide for more information.

Food and Beverages
Will food and/or beverages be served at your event? * (required)
If yes, the provider will need to register online at https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au. Refer to the Event Planning Guidelines for more information or contact Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Grass mowing / pegging of lawns / irrigation lines / other park works
Will your event require mowing of any lawns on Council property? * (required)

Will your event require pegging of any lawns or irrigation to be turned off? * (required)

Are you aware of any locked areas or bollards that you may require access to? * (required)

Do you need to hire a Council venue? * (required)
(e.g. Town Hall, Drill Hall, Senior Citizens Centre) Some venues have regular users and may not be available. A current list of fees and charges is available from the BRCC web site or from Customer Services.

Lighting and Power
Is there adequate lighting on site? * (required)

Are you hiring light towers? * (required)

Event Application checklist: * (required)
Once you have answered all the questions in your Application form, use the following checklist to ensure you have provided and completed all the necessary documentation required so your application can be processed:
Have you checked the Benalla Rural City events calendar with Council and other groups relevant to your event to see if the proposed dates and location for your event are available?
Have you accurately answered all the questions?
Have you obtained a copy of your Certificate of Currency for insurance purposes?
Have you prepared a site plan for your proposed event that visually represents site services and activities?
Have you prepared a traffic management plan that shows the impact of your event on vehicle and pedestrian access paths?
Have you completed a risk assessment for your event?
Note: All appliances must have a current tested tag. ALL power cords crossing an access, footpath or road must be covered by a ramp.
Will you require power onsite? * (required)

Is there a power box onsite? * (required)

Are generators being hired? * (required)

Risk Management Planning
Will you have qualified security personnel in attendance at your event? * (required)

Name of Company, Contact Person and Phone Number
Are there toilets on site? * (required)

Will you be supplying additional toilets/blocks for your event? * (required)

Are portable toilets being hired? * (required)

Traffic Management
You will need to submit a traffic management plan for your event if it requires a road or street closure, increases road congestion in the area, restricts access to or requires the use of footpaths, or is likely to generate a large amount of pedestrian traffic. Approval from Vicroads, Police and Emergency Services and the Department of Transport may be required depending on the scale and type of event.
Road closures need to be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the event to allow for processing and to meet advertising requirements. If roads to be closed or subject to traffic management/control fall under the jurisdiction of Vicroads, a permit must be obtained from Vicroads.
Traffic Management Plan completed: * (required)

Please list the affected premises (eg businesses, residents) and state date that you have notified them.
Please tick which of the following parties have been notified? * (required)

Waste Management
Will your event require additional waste management? * (required)
Benalla Rural City Council can supply additional wheelie bins at an additional charge. If you would like to use this service, please complete details below. You or your organisation will be invoiced after the event. To enquire about booking Council’s Recyclable Waste Trailer free of charge, please contact the Waste Management Coordinator on 03 5762 2600.

Recyclable waste trailer requested:

Date and Time is required.
Please provide Contractor Name and Phone Number.
Is there a water point on the site that you propose gaining access to? * (required)

Will you be using volunteers at your event? * (required)

Section 4: Finalising your Event Application
Thank you for completing an Event Application to stage an event in Benalla Rural City. It is important you understand the requirements of staging an event in the Rural City. Refer to the Events Planning Guide for further information.

If you require assistance to complete your event application form, please contact the Events Department on 03 5760 2600 as we are only too happy to help.

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If you wish to submit your Event Application form in hard copy please send to the following:

Events Coordinator

Benalla Rural City Council

PO Box 227

Benalla Vic 3671

Email: council@benalla.vic.gov.au 

Additional contacts details:

Ambulance - Events Department, Ambulance Victoria, 75 Brady Street, South Melbourne, 3205 events@ambulance.vic.gov.au

Fire Brigade - Operations Manager, Country Fire Authority District 23, P O Box 565, Wangaratta 3677 admin.r23@cfa.vic.gov.au

Hospital - CEO, Benalla Health, PO Box 406, Benalla 3671 andrew.freeman@benallahealth.org.au

Municipal Emergency Response Officer - Benalla Rural City Council, P O Box 227,Benalla 3671 mero@benalla.vic.gov.au

Police - Benalla Local Area Commander, Eastern Region/Division 3, Benalla Police Complex, 7-13 Bridge Street West, Benalla 3672 benalla.uni@police.vic.gov.au

SES - Controller, Benalla SES, 64 Sydney Road, Benalla 3672 nedutyofficer@ses.vic.gov.au