Flood & Storm

Historically, floods have had serious consequences for Benalla’s residents and businesses.

In October of 1993, Benalla Rural City floods caused the following:

  • 1,500 people were evacuated from their homes
  • 500 houses and businesses were flooded or cut off
  • Five bridges were damaged or destroyed and roads were cut
  • 400km of rural fencing and farm machinery was damaged
  • Telephone services, power, sewage and water supplies were damaged which led to interruptions of service


Are you ready for flood?

For flood/storm emergency call the SES on 132 500

For life threatening emergencies, call 000 (Triple Zero)

The SES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain flood risks.

Visit the SES Flood Guide for Benalla Rural City.


How to prepare for flood

  • Prepare an emergency plan. Visit SES Victoria for information and to download the Benalla Local Flood Guide.
  • Monitor emergency.vic.gov.au for information on flood emergencies. Listen to emergency broadcasters including ABC FM 97.7 during a flood emergency.
  • Monitor the Bureau of Meteorology for information on river heights.
  • Floodwater is dangerous - never drive, walk or ride through floodwater.
  • Check on vulnerable friends, family and neighbours if a flood threatens.



During a flood emergency, the SES and the Council will assist with sandbagging. Sandbags can be purchased in advance Mitre 10 on Sydney Road, Benalla.


Road closures

For up-to-date information about road closures, visit traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au.

Never drive through floodwaters.

For more information about non-emergency road closures, including roadworks, visit our Road Closures & Roadworks page.


Storm Safe

Storms can happen anywhere, at any time of year and are often accompanied by strong winds, large hailstones and lightning. Storms cost Victorians an average of $28 million each year, and can cause significant damage to homes, businesses and community infrastructure.


The Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) plans for storms and floods and manages the response when they occur.


The SES have put together some important information that can help you learn more about what you can do to prepare your home for storms. Visit the Victorian SES website

In a life-threatening emergency, call 000

You can contact the SES North East Office:

northeast@ses.vic.gov.au     Phone: 03 9256 9650

For SES assistance during a storm or flood call 132 500.