Proposed changes to accessible (disabled) parking in Nunn Street

Published on 27 March 2018

Disabled Access Parking Bay.jpg

As part of its ongoing review of accessible (disabled) parking bays to ensure they are compliant with Australian Standards for the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA), the Council’s CBD Parking Working Group has determined that Nunn Street, Benalla, requires change.

The disabled parking bays in Nunn Street are no longer compliant with the Standards, which were revised in 2011. The new Standards include consideration of positioning, size and access to paths. To comply with the new Standards, the four non-compliant bays will be converted to two disabled parking bays, with enough circulation space for wheelchairs and walkers. The two accessible parking bays will be centrally located between Bridge Street and Church Street.

At the Ordinary Council meeting held on 14 March 2018, the Council resolved to seek community input on the proposed disabled parking changes to the Nunn Street. All feedback is welcome, so please share this with those who you feel may be impacted by the change. 

You can have your say on the proposed accessible (disabled) parking changes to the Nunn Street by contacting us by mail or email, or by filling in the form below. 

Comments are welcome until Monday 30 April 2018. If you'd like to speak to the Council on this matter, members of the public are welcome to speak at the Council Meeting on Wednesday 9 May 2018.

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