Council Plan

Published on 01 September 2017

Draft Council Plan Cover v2.jpg

Every four years councils across Victoria must develop a four year plan that identifies key priorities, projects and the best use of Council resources.

The Plan was developed through a community consultation and feedback process and reflects the environment impacted by rate capping, cost shifting and a reduction in grant funding from other levels of government.


  • Development and implementation of an annual Benalla Rural City Municipal Health and Wellbeing action plan
  • Improved maintenance of core assets such as roads, bridges and drains
  • Support for and acknowledgement of volunteers
  • Holding regular forums in rural communities
  • Progression of important community projects such as the construction of a large covered arena at the Benalla Sports and Equestrian Centre and an upgrade to the Arundel Street sporting precinct
  • Establishing a transfer station at the Benalla Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre
  • Creation of a tourism campaign to promote Benalla Rural City’s major tourism assets
  • Advocating for improved passenger rail and telecommunications services.


Connected and Vibrant Community

We are committed to building a healthy, active, safe and socially connected community that offers opportunities for people of all ages, background and abilities to participate in community life.

Engaging and Accessible Places and Spaces

We will provide community places and spaces to meet the needs of our community and focus on thoughtfully planned growth to maintain and enhance the high amenity and character of our Rural City.

Sustainable Environment 

We will take a proactive and strategic approach to protect our natural environment and safeguard its ability to support our community into the future.

Thriving and Progressive Economy

We will support, promote and encourage the long-term growth, diversification and strengthening of our economy as a key contributor to a healthier and more sustainable community.

High Performing Organisation

We will be a high performing, efficient and innovative organisation based on sound financial management, accountability and good governance to provide best value service to our whole community.