Public Notice - Notice of Intention to Sell Council-owned Land

Published on 25 April 2018


Benalla Rural City Council (the Council) gives public notice under section 189 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Vic) (Act) of its intention to sell its land described below:

The land is lot 9 on proposed plan of subdivision no. PS801090G, being the land formerly contained in lot D on plan of subdivision no. PS513542C, located at the rear of 29 Enterprise Drive, Benalla, Victoria 3672 (Land) and shown hatched on the below plan.

Lot 9 - proposed plan of subdivision no. PS801090G.png

The proposed terms of the sale of the Land are as follows:

  1. the purchaser of the Land will be P & K Exton Pty Ltd ACN 146 822 899 (Exton) and/or nominee;
  2. the price will be $12,000 plus GST with a 10% deposit on the signing of the contract of sale; and
  3. settlement will be due on the later of the following dates:

     a.     14 days after the date that the Council or its solicitor gives notice in writing to Exton or its solicitor of registration of plan of subdivision no. PS801090G; and

     b.     30 days after the day of sale.    

Interested persons are invited to make a submission on the proposal in accordance with section 223 of the Act. The Council must receive submissions by 23 May 2018

All submissions will be considered in accordance with section 223 of the Act.

 Submissions may be included in an agenda for a meeting of the Council that will be made available to the public.

Submissions may be made at

Written submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, and may be hand delivered to Council's office at 1 Bridge Street East, Benalla, Victoria 3672 or posted to the following address:

Mr Tony McIlroy
Chief Executive Officer
Benalla Rural City Council
PO Box 227

Any person making a written submission and requesting to be heard in support of their written submission is entitled to appear in person, or may be represented by a person acting on their behalf, before a meeting of Council or a committee of Council.

After considering all submissions, Council will decide whether to proceed with the proposal

Further information regarding this proposal may be obtained from the Council's Governance Coordinator, who may be contacted by telephone on 03 5620 2600 or by email at

Tony McIlroy
Chief Executive Officer