Development & Environment Division

1. Overview

The Development and Environment Division manages the following operations:

  • Development
  • Emergency management, including prevention and response
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Involvement in regional planning, waste and transport
  • Facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance, including local laws, permits and regulations regarding pets

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2. Image of Council workers crossing road near school Development

The Development Department provides a broad range of development services to residents and ratepayers as well as services to prospective new residents and developers. The Development Department is responsible for services such as town planning, land use studies, environmental health, building services, domestic animal management, school crossing safety, parking and enforcement of local and state legislation.

The Development department is responsible for managing building and development applications and to provide information on planning legislation, planning policies and processes. This department responds to a range of public health issues, including food surveillance, on site sewage management, immunisation and skin penetration.

3. Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Department delivers three key functions:


  • Delivery of maintenance services under the Road Management Act and the Council's Road Management Plan.
  • Timely responses to community requests and enquiries about the road drainage and pathway network.
  • Coordination of staff and resources to respond to emergencies and natural disasters.

Asset Management

  • Best practice Asset Management, in accordance with the MAV STEP Guidelines in order to provide levels of service in a cost effective way while ensuring sustainable long term use of resources.
  • Maintenance of a register of Infrastructure Assets and condition reports.


  • Delivery of civil engineering reports that identify the existing community assets requiring development for future program works.
  • Delivery of the capital projects identified in the Council’s Capital Projects Program.

4. Facilities

The Facilities Department covers a broad range of functions which include:

Parks and Gardens

  • Parks, gardens and open space maintenance, including management of the Benalla Botanical Gardens.
  • Urban and rural township street tree and streetscape maintenance.
  • Management of Flood Mitigation Vegetation Clearance and the Electrical Line Clearance contract projects.

Facilities Management

  • Programmed maintenance and inspection of all Council facilities.
  • Management of the Benalla Aquatic Centre contact, the Benalla Airport and the Benalla Saleyards.
  • Administration and project management of grant funded capital works relating to facilities.

Recreation Facilities Management

  • Management of recreation reserves including built assets and sports surfaces, committee governance and grant funding.
  • Participation in Committees of Management for Churchill Recreation Reserve, Showgrounds Recreation Reserve, Benalla Gardens Oval Reserve, Racecourse Reserve, United Friendlies Reserve, Benalla Indoor Recreation Centre and Goorambat Recreation Reserve.

Spatial Data Management

  • Property numbering, land tenure and property boundaries.
  • Corporate spatial data management including updating, archiving and auditing and customised desktop mapping solutions.
  • Project specific spatial data capture, management and reporting for both internal and external clients.

5. Compliance

Local laws are designed to provide peace, order and good governance to Benalla Rural City. They help to create a healthy environment in which the community can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations. Local laws ensure safe and equitable use and enjoyment of public spaces, the protection and enhancement of local amenities and the environment and fair and reasonable enjoyment of private land.

We ensure compliance with local laws and state legislation to protect the community and maintain public amenity. This includes: 

  • Managing compliance regulations and local laws
  • Domestic and livestock animal control
  • Managing school crossings and supervisors
  • Enforce parking and road regulations
  • Tobacco control inspections. 

Read more about what kinds of activities require a permit in Benalla Rural City on our local law permits page

The Council has a statutory obligation to enforce specific legislation. Road Safety Road Rules 2017 is the Victorian legislation that the Council must enforce within Benalla Rural City, as part of the Road Safety Act 1996.

Read more about common road laws that Councils around Victoria need to enforce and information about how the infringement process works on our local law detail page.

Find out more about animal management in Benalla Rural City.

6. Emergency Management

Emergency Management plans for emergencies, liaising with many government and non-government organisations. The department supports other staff with statutory responsibilities for resourcing emergency works, recovery from incidents and fire management activities.

It conducts property inspections, fire prevention activities and compliance, meeting management including Municipal Fire Management, It involves planning for, responding to and recovering from emergencies such as fire, flood, tornado, major accidents and supporting safe events.

If you want to find out more about Benalla Rural City Council's emergency management practices, visit our Fire, Flood & Emergency page.

7. Environment and Sustainability

We provide advice and support to the community in relation to environment, sustainability and natural resource management. We develop new ways to protect and enhance the natural environment in partnership with the community and state agencies. 

Benalla Rural City Council has a representative on six regional networks and community groups. We are involved in regional projects and initiatives. Read more about our commitment to Environment & Sustainability.


8. Image of waste collection bins Waste

We provide strategic and regulatory management of the Benalla Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre, the contract for kerbside waste collection services and waste minimisation projects. In these activities, we must comply with all EPA regulations.

In the 2015/16 Financial Year, Benalla Rural City had 7,408 general waste bins, 7,402 recycle bins and 5,525 organics bins. 

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