Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019 Review)

The Council Plan is the key strategic document and defines the Council’s vision, purpose and values, strategic objectives, strategies and initiatives for achieving the objectives, strategic indicators to monitor the achievement of objectives and the Strategic Resource Plan which sets out the financial and non-financial resources to achieve the strategic objectives over the life of the Plan.

Every four years councils across Victoria must develop a four year plan that identifies key priorities, projects and the best use of Council resources.

At least once every financial year the Council Plan must be reviewed and updated as required.

The Proposed 2019/20 Budget and the Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019 Review) were open for community feedback until 22 May 2019. Submissions are currently being heard and considered. The Proposed Budget (2019 Review) and Council Plan will be adopted by Council on 26 June 2019 at the Council Meeting.

Download the Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019 Review)(PDF, 23MB)