Swimming Pools

If you’re planning on building a swimming pool or spa with a depth greater than 300mm (30cm), you’ll need to obtain a building permit and install safety barriers that comply with AS1926 Parts 1 and 2 - 2007. This includes inflatable pools and spas or those of a temporary nature, including those with lockable lids, all of which are not exempt from the rules governing swimming pools. 

Pool and spa owners need to maintain their safety barriers at all times. All pools and spas built after 2010 require a four sided barrier (isolation fence), with no direct access from the house or any other building to the pool or spa.

All pools and spas, regardless of when and where they were built, are required by the Building Regulations 2006 to be fitted with a safety barrier complying with AS1926. This includes both in-ground and above ground swimming pools on rural properties.

If you have an existing pool or spa with no safety barrier, you are required to have one installed. A building permit is required prior to erecting the safety fence. 

The Council has an ongoing swimming pool safety campaign and randomly inspects swimming pools to ensure they comply with legislation.

Penalties up to $10,000 may apply to property owners who do not comply with this requirement. You may be fined or have other legal action taken against you for not meeting safety requirements. Penalties up to $10,000 may apply to property owners who do not comply with pool safety regulations.  

For more information visit the Victorian Building Association information on swimming pools, spas and their safety barriers.

Download the Building Permit Application Checklist - Pool(PDF, 41KB)

Download an Application for Building Permit(PDF, 639KB)