Benalla Flood Information System

The Benalla Flood Information System (BFIS) has been developed to assist the community, businesses and property owners to better understand the risk of flooding for the Benalla Township.

The BFIS provides information on the risk of flooding for properties within the Benalla township, and where activities such as schools, parks and transport routes may be impacted by flood under minor, moderate and major flood events.

The BFIS allows property owners and occupiers to better understand the impact of flooding at the individual property level through Individual Property Statements. 

View the printable brochure about the Benalla Flood Information System.(PDF, 179KB)

How do I access the information?

Access the Interactive Flood Information Portal (BFIS)  


How do I use the BFIS?

1. Select a property address by zooming in on the map or by typing an address into the search bar.

2. A red square indicates that the property has flood information available. If you select a property with a red box, a pop-up appears (see image).

Flood Information System.JPG

3. If you select the 'Flood Information' hyperlink under 'Attachments', it takes you to the Property Information Statement. Each Statement provides important information including two flood levels, which also appear in the pop-up box.

Note - the BFIS may be inaccessible in the event of a sustained power outage or if access to the internet is disrupted.

Plan ahead for the impact of flooding. Make sure you have the information you need on hand in advance of any flood emergency.

If you experience any issues while using your preferred browser you are encouraged to open the system in an alternate browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

The BFIS uses a lot of data. Be sure to obtain the information you need then close your browser. 

Hard copies of Property Information Statements are available upon request.


Property Information Statements

The Property flood level is an indication of when areas such as gardens and sheds are predicted to flood.

The Floor flood level is an indication of when the main building (including a home or shop) on the property is predicted to flood. The Floor flood level is a prediction of when flood water has commenced entering the building - it is not a prediction of how much water will enter the building or to what depth the property will flood.

Use the 'Instruction' button (pictured), which is on the top right corner of the system, for more information about how to use the system.

Flood Information System - Instructions.JPG


How we interact with BFIS

The BFIS is designed to provide information about flood risk. However, information within the system supports good planning and building decisions. 

Municipal standards for planning and building in flood prone areas were established in 2006. Homes and structures built after that time have been constructed above the accepted flood level for planning in Victoria which is known as the 1% AEP or ‘1% Annual Exceedance Probability’.

If you would like to discuss a building or planning application in response to flood risk, contact us.