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People employed in the food service industry have a responsibility to ensure that the food they store, handle and prepare is safe.

Information on keeping food safe can be found on the Department of Health Food Safety Website.
Managing Food Waste and Complying with the Law
Food waste containing meat, other animal by-products, some dairy products and any food that has come into contact with these prohibited foods must not be fed to pigs. These foods can contain viruses that cause diseases in animals, such as foot-and-mouth disease. These viruses are not destroyed by chilling, freezing, curing or cooking.

Some examples of food that must not be provided to farmers includes:
• vegetables, rice, pasta and other food that has been in direct contact with meat or meat products
• pizza bun rolls, meat pies
• bacon and cheese rolls, salad rolls containing meat
• Caesar salad (because it contains bacon pieces)
• steak, hamburgers, sausages, butcher’s shop waste
• milk products such as yoghurt, butter and cheese.

Businesses that prepare and sell food, such as restaurants, bakeries, hotels, fast food outlets and hospitals, have a responsibility to dispose of food waste appropriately. Prohibited food waste should be placed in an appropriate garbage bin for collection by the council or commercial waste service for disposal in landfill or composting at an appropriate recycling facility.

Illegal activities include:
• feeding prohibited food waste to pigs
• supplying prohibited food waste to feed pigs
• collecting prohibited food waste from food premises to provide to a piggery.

More information on these restrictions, included translated factsheets in Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese, is available here.
Retailers – Risks Associated with the Selling and Consumption of Raw (Unpasteurised) Milk - December 2014
Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurised (heat treated) to kill bacteria that could be harmful to humans. No matter how carefully it has been produced, raw milk may be unsafe. It is important that consumers understand the risks associated with drinking raw milk and balance this risk against the claimed ‘benefits’.

Please read the document entitiled "Retailers – Risks associated with the selling and consumption of raw (unpasteurised) milk - December 2014"

This document provides retail food premises, including mobile or temporary food premises, with information about raw (unpasteurised) milk and the risks associated with human consumption. It also advises food premises of the legality of selling raw (unpasteurised) milk and other unpasteurised milk products for human consumption, and the food businesses obligations and responsibilities under the Food Act 1984.

All staff should be made aware of this information about raw milk and must not promote, advertise or advise consumers that these products are for human consumption.

Food Recall Video for Industry
FSANZ have recorded a new video which provides specific information to small businesses about their responsibilities in regards to food recalls.

View the video here.

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