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All prescribed accommodation businesses operating within Benalla Rural City Council and accommodating 6 or more people must be registered under the Public Health and Welbeing Act 2008. Accommodation businesses include, hotels or motels, hostels, student dormitories, holiday camps, rooming houses and residential accommodation.

It is important that accommodation businesses provide a safe dwelling that does not compromise public health standards or impact on the amenity of local areas. The Council approval process and where applicable registration assists in maintaining industry standards through inspections, sampling and the provision of current public health and safety information.

To register an accommodation business please firstly contact Councils' Town Planning and building departments to obtain any necessary permits.

Please submit any plans of the proposed development to the Environmental Health Team for comment and discussion prior to the commencement of any works. This will ensure that the type of accommodation proposed including any food preparation areas will comply with the requirements under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. and where applicable the Food Act.

Note that all prescribed accommodation businesses must also supply potable water to the premises for human consumption. Please refer to the Guidelines for private drinking water supplies at commercial and community facilities for further information.

Please submit an Application to Register Prescribed Accommodation to Council together with the applicable fee.

Environmental Health Officers will conduct a series of inspections as applicable prior to granting registration. Note that the business must not operate until a Certificate of Registration has been granted.

Transfer of Registration
If you are buying or selling an existing prescribed accommodation business, a transfer of registration must be completed and submitted to Council together with the applicable fee.

Note that prior to purchasing a business the prospective purchaser can request a pre-purchase inspection report from Environmental Health. Please complete the Request for Information and Documents form and obtain the consent from the current proprietor and return this to Council with the applicable fee.

Residential Accommodation Businesses
A residential accommodation business includes any house or building used to accommodate 6 or more people on payment of consideration to the proprietor. A house or self contained apartment or flat under the exclusive occupation of the occupier either through a residential tenancy agreement or ownership are exempt. This type of accommodation includes bed and breakfast businesses and holiday houses available on a nightly or weekly basis.

Please read So you would like to operate a residential accommodation business in Benalla Rural City Council for information on establishing such a business and the legal requirements to be met before commencing advertising and operating.

Additional information on Setting up an Accommodation Business can also be obtained from the Victorian Tourism Industry Council website

Note that an accommodation business must not operate prior to being registered with a current Certificate of Registration.
Prescribed Accommodation and Food
Any prescribed accommodation business providing food to the public requires registration under the Food Act.

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