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Benalla Rural Council
Benalla Rural Council
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Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council Benalla Rural Council
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The Planning Team provides efficient statutory and strategic planning services.

If you propose to use, develop or subdivide land, you should discuss your proposal in detail with one of the Benalla Rural City's Planning Officers. Early discussion will confirm whether a Planning Permit is required.

The Planning Team is responsible for, planning permits, and the enforcement of the Benalla Planning Scheme.

The team has extensive experience in statutory planning. The team provides excellent customer service which is focused on providing prompt planning advice and services for development within the Benalla Rural City Council.

You will need to make an appointment to talk to a Planning Officer. Appointments can be made in person at the Customer Service Centre, 1 Bridge Street East, Benalla or by phoning 03 5760 2600.

 1. Benalla Planning Scheme
 2. The Planning Permit Process
 3. Referral Authorities
 4. General Planning Information
 5. Information Requirements
 6. Local Planning Policies/Incorporated Documents
 7. Useful Links

1. Benalla Planning Scheme
The Benalla Planning Scheme is a legal document which sets out policies and controls for the use, development and protection of land within Benalla Rural City. It contains State and Local planning policies, zones and overlays and other provisions that affect how land can be used and developed.

Planning schemes are used to assess planning permit applications. To obtain a planning permit an application must be made to Council.

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  Go to the Benalla Planning Scheme

2. The Planning Permit Process
If you are unsure on whether or not you require a planning permit you can either make an appointment to discuss your proposal with a Planning Officer or complete the Development Advice Request form (below). When completing an application for a planning permit you must complete the checklist (below) to ensure that you have provided all the required information. If your application does not contain enough detail you will be asked to provide further information, this will delay your application. Please refer to "Planning: a Short Guide" (Link below) for further information regarding the Planning Permit Process. Please note your application may take up to 60 Statutory days before a decision is made. The majority of applications are usually completed within 45 days, based on the 2015/16 performance.

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  Development Advice Request
  Application for Planning Permit
  How to complete Planning Permit Application form
  Application to amend a Planning Permit
  How to complete application to amend Planning Permit
  Checklist for Application for a Planning Permit
  Application Fees
  Cultural Heritage Self Assessment
  Cultural Heritage Management Plan Declaration
  Declaration for Restrictive Covenants

3. Referral Authorities
Listed below are the contact details for the Benalla Rural City Council's referral authorities.

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Authority   Address   Phone   Website    
APA Group   PO Box 38, ALBURY NSW 2640   02 6023 0611    
Country Fire Authority   PO Box 565, WANGARATTA VIC 3676   03 5720 2313    
Department of Sustainability and Environment   PO Box 879, SEYMOUR VIC 3660   03 5761 1611    
Department of Transport   PO Box 2797, MELBOURNE VIC 3001   03 9655 6666    
Environmental Protection Authority   27-29 Faithfull Street, WANGARATTA VIC 3677   03 5720 1111    
Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority   PO Box 1752, SHEPPARTON VIC 3632   03 5820 1100    
Goulburn Murray Water   PO Box 164, TATURA VIC 3616   03 5833 5500    
Heritage Victoria   PO Box 2392, MELBOURNE VIC 3001   03 8644 8800    
Logica   PO Box 644, BOX HILL VIC 3128   03 9843 0600    
North East Regional Water Authority   PO Box 863, WODONGA VIC 3690   02 6022 0555    
AusNet   Beaconsfield Avenue, BEACONSFIELD VIC 3807   03 9695 6000    
Telstra   PO Box 61, BALLARAT VIC 3353   03 5329 9153    
VicRoads   PO Box 135, BENALLA VIC 3671   03 5761 1888    

4. General Planning Information

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  Planning: a Short Guide
  Request to Speak
  Planning & Development Committee Agendas and Minutes

5. Information Requirements

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  Licensed Premises
  Dwelling Additions
  Rural Dwelling
  Commercial and Industrial
  Rural Subdivision
  Bed & Breakfast
  Advertising Signs

6. Local Planning Policies/Incorporated Documents

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  GBCMA Referral Exemptions
  Rural Living Study 2010
  Land Degradation Policy
  Rural housing in rural areas policy
  Rural subdivision policy
  Hume freeway environs policy
  Development adjoining Lake Nillahcootie
  Lake Benalla Environs Study 2007
  Industrial Land Review

7. Useful Links

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  DSE's Native Vegetation Planning Permit Applicant's Kit
  GBCMA's Indigenous Planting Guide
  Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD)
  Titles Office
  VCAT Appeals
  Infrastructure Design Manual
Benalla Rural Council
  Benalla Rural Council

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