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Please complete the following steps to register a new food business under the Food Act 1984. Any business or not-for-profit group located within the Benalla Rural City municipality that wishes to prepare, handle, pack or sell any food/drink from a fixed premises must register or notify with Benalla Rural City Council.

Step 1 - Submit a Floor Plan
It is strongly recommended that 2 copies of scaled floor plans of the proposed food premises be submitted to the Environmental Health Team for assessment and comment prior to the commencement of any works showing:

The layout of all fixtures, fittings and equipment;

A description of materials to be used on surface finishes including walls, floors and bench tops; and

Locations of waste disposal area, storage areas, toilets, etc.

During the planning stage, Environmental Health Officers are willing to meet prospective proprietors onsite to discuss and outline the structural works required to ensure that the food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment and transport vehicles are designed and constructed to facilitate good food safety, hygiene and cleaning practices; and are appropriate for the proposed food handling activities.

Please refer to the Benalla Rural City Council Food Establishment Specification guidelines for further information as well as the Food Standards Code - Australia New Zealand - Standard 3.2.3 - Food Premises and Equipment

Prior to the commencement of any works Planning and Building approvals must be sought as required and North East Water will also need to be consulted.
Step 2 - Determine the Classification
All food premises operating within Victoria must now be classified in accordance with the Food Premises Classification System under the Food Act 1984. Food safety and registration requirements vary depending on the type of food you propose to sell.

Please use the Business Classification Tool to determine the class of food premises that will apply to your business.

Please contact the Environmental Health Team on 57602683 for further information or assistance with food premises classifications.

Step 3 - Apply for Registration
Complete the Application to Register a Food Premises form and return it to Council together with the applicable fee.

Registration Fees for a new food premises 2014/2015 are as follows:

Class 1 Premises - $512
Class 2 Premises - $506
Class 3 Premises - $326
Class 4 Premises - No Fee

As part of the application process Class 1 and Class 2 businesses are required to have an approved Food Safety Program and a qualified Food Safety Supervisor.
Step 4 - Arrange for a Final Inspection
Throughout the construction and fitting out of the new premises Environmental Health Officers will have conducted some inspections as required and/or requested. Once the works are completed a final inspection will need to be conducted prior to registration being granted.
Step 5 - Approval
We will issue a Certificate of Registration. Your premises must not open prior to receiving the Certificate of Registration. It is an offence under the Food Act 1984 to operate a food business without being registered.

If you need to know more, contact the Environmental Health Team on 5760 2683 or read the Food Business Information published by the Department of Health.

Visit Business Victoria for information on how to start a new business.
Further Information
Please contact Environmental Health on 5760 2683 for further information and assistance

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