Other Permits


Many other activities, such as lighting a fire in the open air or collecting firewood, require a permit under local law.

Use the navigational structure at the top of this page to explore what activities may require a permit and how to obtain a permit from the Council.

Have a party in a park

On any Council land, you need a permit for the consumption or possession of liquor. For example, having a party at the Benalla Botanical Gardens would require a permit.

Hold a street party or event

If you want to hold a street party, festival, procession or any event on a road, in a park, or in any municipal space, you may require a permit. We also may be able to help with some of the particulars, such as whether you require road closures and maybe helping to promote your event.

See our Planning an event in Benalla Rural City Council page for more information.


Collect firewood

Native vegetation on roadsides is critical to native fauna, often creating connectivity to habitats for threatened species.

Fallen timber provides habitat for larger animals and is a food source for smaller creatures.

When trees and fallen timber are removed from roadsides, this destroys animal habitats. Many native animal populations have decreased due to the removal of fallen timber from their habitat. Some examples include the Swift Parrot, Grey-Crowned Babbler, Squirrel Glider, Regent Honeyeater, Brush Tailed Phascogale and the Bush Stone Curlew. These are now endangered species.

No firewood collection is allowed from:

  • Road reserves managed by Benalla Rural City Council
  • Any roadside under VicRoads management.

Firewood collection is allowed from:


Place a skip bin or other large container on the road

If you need to place a bulk rubbish contained, shipping container, or any large object that encroaches on the free use of a road or footpath, you are likely to need a permit.

Buy a shipping container

Shipping containers on private land require a permit. It’s best to call the Council before you purchase the shipping container.

Light a fire in the open air, including burning off

You need a permit to light any fire in the open air. During particular times of the year, we work with the CFA to ensure that open fires are safe and accounted for by local fire authorities.

Plant a tree or put a sign on the nature strip outside your home

The area from your property boundary to the road, including the footpath, nature strip and the road, is municipal property. If you want to plant a new tree, consult a fence or put a sign or other fixture on municipal property, you’ll need a permit.

Camp in a public space that isn’t a designated camping area or caravan park

You can only camp in designated camping areas unless you have a permit. This includes both tent and caravan camping.

See our Camping page for more information about camping in Benalla Rural City. 

Distribute printed advertising material

Distributing advertising material on any road or public area requires a permit. This includes any promotional items or print media.

Use a motorised vehicle that may impact neighbours by creating dust or noise

Using a motorised vehicle on private land may require a permit if you are within a restricted area. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, activities that will create dust or noise in any consistent or excessive way. Contact us for information about permits for these activities, especially if you risk annoying our neighbours.

Keep animals on your property

On any land in Benalla Rural City, there is a maximum number of animals that you can keep on your property. There are different requirements for residential and rural areas. Find out more about the maximum number of pets and animals on your property. If you need to exceed this number of any of the types of animals, contact the Council to obtain a permit.


Keep pigeons

Pigeons, including homing pigeons, require a specific permit if you want to keep them on your property. Contact the Council if you’re considering keeping pigeons.


Graze, drove or move livestock on roads

Any animal, except a dog or a cat, requires a permit to graze, drove or move on any municipal land, including any road or footpath.

Establish a livestock crossing

If you need to move livestock, you need a permit to establish a crossing on a road. Contact the Council for more information about permits for the establishment of a permanent livestock crossing.

Remove trees

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, a planning permit is required to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation - including roadside vegetation, which requires consent from the Council. 

The term 'native vegetation' refers to trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses that are indigenous to Victoria.

There are a number of specific exemptions from this permit requirement, including fire protection, emergency works and building maintenance. 

If you would like more information about tree removal on public and private land, contact the Council.