Charges & Application Forms

A compulsory waste collection and recycling service is provided to all urban and rural households and businesses.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that you have received your waste collection bins and that your property is being serviced. Contact the Council if you experience issues with this service.

Some properties have limited access and are not able to be serviced. These properties are exempt from waste management charges.

Commercial and industrial properties serviced by a private waste collection contractor are exempt from the Council waste service. Details of the private collector must be supplied in writing to the Council to receive this exemption. Contact the Council for further information about this exemption.

The property owner elects the bin size to suit their needs. If the owner doesn’t select any particular size, the service will provide default 120 litre waste collection bins. If you would like assistance selecting a bin size, or would like to apply for a different size, please see our waste collection page for more information.