Alan Prideaux - COVID-19 Most Helpful Citizen


The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought with it many challenges and un precedented times for communities.

Many individuals and frontline workers have risen to the challenge to support their communities to keep our nation going.

Alan Prideaux took on the task of postmaster at Goorambat a few years ago as a semi-retirement project. Alan and his wife were looking for a small delivery round with a few parcels each week, all being delivered to end of street mailboxes.

COVID-19 restrictions changed the way people went about their daily lives especially the freedom of movement and shopping. People turned to the safety and convenience of online shopping. What was a small parcel delivery service for Goorambat quickly turned into an average of 150 parcels per day.                                                                            

Alan takes each parcel right to the door of each property rather than leave beside the mailboxes.  To keep up Alan now does two delivery rounds per day, just to keep up with the massive increase in mail.

With the Goorambat mailroom being too small for this quantity of parcels his living area is filling up almost daily.  Parcels arrive 4pm daily to be delivered the following day.  Alan will often take a number of them straight out to deliver so that he can actually sit down in the evening!

On top of this he happily collects outgoing mail from residents mailboxes when they are unable to travel to town asking them to leave a ‘’flag’’ of material hanging out so that he knows to stop and collect.

Alan has gone above and beyond an everyday mail service. His dedication, commitment and extra support has assisted Goorambat and district residents greatly especially the ageing population many of whom are on remote properties and have found it difficult and challenging to conform to COVID restrictions.

Alan has been an inspiration to the locals with his good humour and willingness to deliver anything, anytime during this difficult time.