Thoona Community - Thoona Achievement Award


Thoona’s Most Helpful Citizen in 2020 during the COVID pandemic were the residents themselves.

Maybe it’s easier in a small district, but it still had a significant impact on local groups like the Country Women’s Association, Country Fire Authority and Thoona Progress Association and all committees that have been unable to meet and socialise.

Thoona’s two major events the Thoona Wheelie Bin Championships and Christmas Carols in the Hall were cancelled due to the pandemic. This certainly had an effect on the folk of the district.

With the local hotel closed down and the store in minimum hours, this was another burden on social activities. On the positive side and with the support of the local community, the hotel has had a makeover, the store has been very successful with take away meals and the hall has had a major facelift inside and out with the help of a grant the Benalla Rural City Council.

The Thoona community is on the cusp of starting 2021 with fresh ideas to perhaps meet, chat about the year that was 2020.

Well done to the resilience of the district residents of Thoona.