Waste Management & Minimisation Strategy 2014-2019

As part of maintaining sustainable waste management practices, the Council must reduce the environmental impact of waste by working with the community to minimize production, increase recycling and organic waste diversion, find alternatives to landfill disposal and meet statutory requirements.

The Waste Management and Minimisation Strategy (2014 – 2019) has been developed as an action out of the Environment Strategy and adopted by Council. It aims to provide sustainable solutions for the collection, disposal and resource recovery from waste generated within the community.

It describes strategies and measurable actions to be undertaken by the Council over the next five years and its key aims are to guide the development and improvement of current waste management practices.

Managing and minimising waste is a complex responsibility for all local councils. It is influenced by state and regional policies and statutory requirements.

Download the Benalla Rural City Waste Management and Minimisation Strategy 2014-2019(PDF, 2MB).