Ask Council a Question

At Council meetings, up to ten minutes are allowed for members of the public to ask a question of Council. No more than two questions will be accepted from any person at any one meeting. All questions and answers must be as brief as possible and no discussion may be allowed other than by Councillors for the purposes of clarification.

COVID-19 - Council live-streaming meetings

Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, we encourage you to watch a live broadcast of the meeting.

If you want to make a submission under Section 7.3 of the Governance Rules 2020  to the Council, contact us by emailing or phone 03 5760 2600.

Complete the below form to ask a question of Council. 

Council meetings are recorded. See the bottom of the page for information.

Public Question Time

Please be as brief and concise as possible.
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Audio Recording of Meetings

All Council meetings will be audio recorded and made available for public access, with the exception of matters identified as confidential items in the agenda. This includes public participation sections of the meetings.

These recordings are taken to facilitate the preparation and accuracy of the minutes of open Council meetings, broader access to open Council meetings and the accuracy of submitter details (where relevant).

By participating in open Council meetings, individuals consent to the use and disclosure of the information that they share at the meeting (including any personal/sensitive information) for the purposes of Council carrying out its functions. Individuals also consent to the disclosure of that information to any person(s) who access those recordings.