Draft Council Plan 2021-2025



The Benalla Rural City Council Plan 2021-2025 is Council’s medium-term strategic planning document that guides decision making and sets key directions to work towards the community’s vision for the future.

The development of a Council Plan is a legislative requirement. Under the Victorian Local Government Act 2020, a Council Plan must be prepared every four years and submitted to the Minister for Local Government.

We started community consultation on the Council Plan 2021-2025 in November 2020. We invited input using different engagement methods:

  • 286 people filled in an online Council Plan Community survey
  • 299+ people attended a listening post or filled in a postcard
  • 189 people filled in a ‘have your say’ online survey
  • 125 people attended a focused discussion group and rural open houses
  • 18 people attended a deliberative community stakeholder workshop
  • 8 people attended a workshop to review the Community Plan and draw on visionary content to form the Benalla Rural City Community Vision 2036
  • 8 people wrote a submission.

Engagement centred on hearing from a diverse mix of voices that represent the Benalla Rural City community, including:

  • a range of age groups
  • a balanced gender mix
  • residents living in both Benalla and rural areas
  • residents with a culturally diverse background.

The Draft Council Plan is open for public comment and submissions until Thursday 30 September 2021

For more information on the public exhibition process visit our public notices.

Would you like to speak at the Council meeting on Wednesday 3 June 2020



The 2021-2025 Council Plan Community Survey was the first of many opportunities our community will have to contribute to Benalla Rural City Council’s priorities over the next four years. This initial survey was taken between November 2020 and January 2021. We know there are many community members who still have their thoughts and ideas to contribute. Over the coming months we’ll make sure everyone in our community has the chance to be heard.

Who we've heard from so far

286 people completed a survey in our initial round of consultation. 

77% lived in Benalla and 23% resided in our rural townships. 

63% of survey respondents identified as female, 33% identified as male and the remaining 4% chose not to disclose their gender.

13% of respondents shared that they lived in an isolated area (e.g., geographically remote, poor internet or mobile access), 7% were living with a disability, 3% identified as LGBTQI+ and 1% were Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

The three most represented age groups who completed a survey were: 65-74 years of age (24%), 55- 64 years of age (22%) and 45-54 years of age (18%).

Top 10 Council services accessed

The Council Plan Community Survey asked people to share the services of importance to them and also to rate the value and progress of current Council Plan priorities.

Top 10 Council services.pngThe top 10 Council services survey respondents had accessed in the past two years include: 

  1. Waste services
  2. Parks and gardens
  3. Arts and culture
  4. Customer service
  5. Sports and recreation
  6. Pets and animals
  7. Roads and transport
  8. Health and safety
  9. Local laws and permits 
  10. Community development


Initial Survey Summary and Full Results

You can download a flyer that shows a summary of the initial results from the first Council Plan consultation(PDF, 107KB)

You can download the full results of the first Council Plan consultation(PDF, 3MB)





We're proud of Benalla and of the rural townships and communities that we govern. 

Stylised map of Benalla Rural City

The Council provides many services across Benalla Rural City. 

These include: 

  • Waste services, including management of Benalla Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre and kerbside waste and recycling programs
  • Parks and gardens, including walking and bike paths, barbeque areas and playgrounds
  • Library services
  • Arts and culture, including Benalla Art Gallery and Benalla Cinema
  • Communications, making sure we inform and consult with our community
  • Events management
  • Tourism
  • Business Development, including business advice, support and training
  • Customer Service
  • Sports and recreation, including management of recreation reserves, the aquatic centre and skate park
  • Animal management services
  • Roads and transport, including local roads and bridges and school crossing supervision
  • Public health, including food safety and public toilets
  • Local laws, including traffic regulation
  • Community development, including rural outreach and community grants
  • Planning and building, including permits, inspections and land use planning
  • Volunteer recruitment and support
  • Environment and sustainability, including roadside weed and pest control
  • Family and children services, including maternal child health, immunisations and family liaison services
  • Aged and disability services, including Meals on Wheels and social support groups
  • Youth services, including L2P program and the Live4Life initiative
  • Emergency management, including recovery from emergencies