Council achieves strong financial result

Published on 28 May 2018


The Council’s operating result for the nine months to 31 March 2018 was a surplus of $4.072M, $829,000 better than budget.

The result is due to savings in employee costs, the Council being successful in receiving unforecast grant funding and a number of timing variances.

Employee savings are the result of staff vacancies in five of the Council’s operating departments.

Unforecast grant funding has been received in areas including Community Services, the Benalla Art Gallery and roadside weed and pest management.

The Benalla Cinema at BPACC, the Benalla Art Gallery shop and the Visitor Information Centre sales have also all had strong results.

Chief Executive Officer Tony McIlroy said the prudent approach to program management is a credit to the Council’s Leadership Team.

“At both a strategic and operational level, the focus is on financial sustainability,” Mr McIlroy said.

“All local Councils are having to continually respond to the changing financial environment and this result demonstrates our responsible and sustainable approach.”