Pet registrations due 10 April

Published on 29 March 2021

Jack Russell x Fox Terrier

We are reminding all pet owners to pay animal registration fees by the due date of 10 April 2021.

Mayor Cr Danny Claridge said pet registrations play a critical role in the Council’s ability to deliver animal management services throughout the year.

‘The best way to make sure you are reunited with a lost pet is to maintain your annual registration with the Council.’

‘The many animal management services we provide to the community depend on people doing the right thing and registering their pets,’ said Cr Claridge.

Pet registration fees go toward reuniting lost pets with their owners. In addition, registration fees fund the wide range of animal management services, including programs for the management of nuisance animals, wandering dogs, animal welfare, dangerous breeds and targeted school and community education programs.

Annual renewal notices have been issued post. Pet owners can renew their registration online, in person or over the phone by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 03 5760 2600.