Recycling in North East Victoria continues as normal

Published on 04 September 2019

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Recycling is continuing as normal in Benalla Rural City despite disruptions that have occurred in other parts of the state.

Residents may have heard that 33 councils around Victoria have been affected by the closure and legal decisions affecting SKM recycling services.

Benalla Rural City has not been affected and continues to recycle material as normal.

Keep recycling as normal

There is no impact on the collection of household recycling bins. Residents should continue to put their recyclables into their recycling bin as normal.

We have a great record when it comes to recycling and it’s important to continue to carefully separate recyclables from non-recyclable materials and place them in the correct bin.

What residents can do

It is now more critical than ever for residents to correctly sort their recycling for kerbside collection. Residents can also try to minimise the amount of waste they produce in the first place – shop smart and avoid unnecessary packaging. Using reusable drink bottles and coffee cups are great ways to start.

We urge all residents to go to to find out about what can and cannot be recycled.

There are four ways residents can help:

  • Continue to recycle as normal. We will inform you of any changes in your kerbside collection service.
  • Know what you can and can’t recycle. If in doubt, find out at
  • Prevent waste from the start. Try to limit how much you recyclable material you buy.
  • Buy Australian recycled products. Recycled office paper and toilet paper are easy ways to start.