Students recognised for volunteering

Published on 09 September 2019

Young volunteers with Mayor Cr Scott Upston

Students from schools across Benalla Rural City were recognised for their volunteering efforts on Tuesday 3 September 2019.

The students volunteered with the CFA, visited residents in aged care facilities, participated in environmental projects and sporting and social activities.

Student groups, including the Benalla FReeZA Committee, the Benalla Live4Life Crew and Benalla P-12 College's Us Mob were also recognised for their contribution over the past year.

Schools were asked to nominate young people who had contributed in a volunteer capacity.

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated.

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre

Crystal Strobel, Year 12

Kaleb Lissenden, Year 11

St Joseph's Primary school

Meg Cooke, Year 6

Milly Evans, Year 6

Scarlett Bament, Year 2

FCJ College

Cameron Hurd, Year 9

Chelsei Baker, Year 10

Hamish Teichert, Year 12

Benalla P-12 College

Brandon Sebaly, Year 6

Cheyane Vaughan, Year 10

Damon Vaughan, Year 6

Khesahn Saunders, Year 12

Robbie Cooper, Year 5

Sahara Hunter-Barton, Year 11

Sara Green, Year 10

Sky Trethowan, Year 11

Schools also nominated volunteer groups that contributed to the Rural City through volunteering.

Gallery Group (nominated by the Benalla Flexible Learning Centre)

Tara Kells, Year 10

Tom Bassett, Year 10

Nikita Wallace, Year 11

Maeley Wessel, Year 12

Coffee Club (nominated by the Benalla Flexible Learning Centre)

Callam Zaicz, Year 9

Jake Finnell, Year 9

Benalla P-12 College’s Us Mob

Daisy Coleman, Year 6

Alyssa Priest, Year 7

Madison Stovell, Year 10

Casey Stovell, Year 10

Lily-Rose Evans, Year 10

Sky Trethowan, Year 11

The Council nominated and thanked the young people who contributed to volunteer groups facilitated by the Council.

FreeZA Committee - Reverb

Riley Lomer

Zoe Mason (FCJ)

Indri May (FCJ)

Windi May (FCJ)

Ben Milner (FCJ)

Mason Rae-Green (FCJ)

Maggie Powell (FCJ)

Taryn Schultz (FCJ)

Nathan Tolliday (FCJ)

Anushree Vashishta (FCJ).

Benalla Live4Life Crew

Milly Evans (FCJ)

Kate Buykx (FCJ)

Haylie Carter (P-12)

Katarina Cook (FCJ)

Molly Cooke (FCJ)

Catriona Doyle-Hill (FCJ)

Jack Gibson (FCJ)

Sienna Herbert (P-12)

Ryan Mackrell (FCJ)

Ben Milner (FCJ)

Mason Rae-Green (FCJ)

Millicent Scriven (FCJ)

Jackson Squires (FCJ)

Jack Vecht (FCJ).

Benalla Live4Life Mentors

Lachlan Boyle (FCJ)

Tim Buykx (FCJ)

Liza Hearmon (FCJ)

Holly Morrison (FCJ)

Maggie Powell (FCJ)

Taryn Schultz (FCJ)

Nathan Tolliday (FCJ)

Mayor, Cr Scott Upston, said it was an honour and a privilege to recognise some of Benalla Rural City’s finest young people.

“We are thankful for all that volunteers do to make Benalla Rural City a great place to live,” said Cr Upston.

“We are proud that the next generation is already demonstrating an active community spirit through volunteering.”

If you're a young person and would like to volunteer, contact the Council's Customer Service Centre or visit