Cr Peter Davis

Deputy Mayor

Peter Davis- 04 S.JPG

Elected to Council on 22 October 2016
Previous Terms on Council 2005 to 2016

Councillor Davis represents Council on the following Committees:

  • Benalla Airport Advisory Committee
  • CEO Performance Review Advisory Committee
  • Benalla Performing Arts and Convention Centre Board of Management
  • Benalla Airport Redevelopment Project Steering Committee
  • Benalla Landfill Development Strategy Project Steering Committee
  • Benalla Landfill Cell 2 Construction Project Control Group
  • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee
  • Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee
  • Municipal Flood Management Planning Committee
  • Benalla Gardens Oval Committee of Management Inc.
  • Benalla Indoor Recreation Centre Committee of Management Inc.
  • Benalla Showgrounds and Recreation Reserve Committee of Management Inc.
  • Churchill Reserve Committee of Management Inc.
  • State Gliding Centre Committee of Management Inc.
  • United Friendly Society Reserve Committee of Management Inc.

Why did you nominate for election to council?

As a ratepayer I wanted to serve the people of Benalla to the best of my ability over the coming term. My previous experience as a councillor gives me the skill set to achieve greater results for the community.

What is your vision for Benalla?

To support our existing businesses and to attract new enterprise where possible.  To find growth, to prosper with a forward thinking and progressive approach.  With our passionate and united community we will endeavour to deliver opportunities and diversity for Benalla's future.

What local issues are you especially interested in?

Roads, Rates and Rubbish. To be able to deliver these services for Benalla and to achieve this within our Rate Capped Budget. At the same time to leave Council in a financial position for future growth.

What would you like council to achieve in the next four years?

To have a financial and sustainable budget in place that denotes the needs of Benalla with a cohesive staffing structure to match. To engage the youth of Benalla into community participation. Ensure that our community has a voice in Council that is supported.

Your background - work experience, career, family, children, hobbies?

Conduct my Rural Merchandise Business with my partner Therese Alexander.

Hobbies include historic cars, fishing, travelling, home projects and being a community member.

Best methods for residents and the community to contact you?

By mobile phone, anytime 0428 575 313