Cr Scott Upston


Scott Upston- 05 S.JPG

Elected to Council on 22 October 2016

Councillor Upston represents Council on the following Committees:

  • Australia Day Advisory Committee
  • Benalla Riverine Parklands Advisory Committee
  • CEO Performance Review Advisory Committee
  • Communications Advisory Committee
  • Benalla Landfill Development Strategy Project Steering Committee
  • Community Plan Implementation Steering Committee
  • Health and Wellbeing Action Group and Family Violence Network
  • Benalla Youth Service Providers Network
  • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee
  • Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee

Why did you nominate for election to council?

I am a firm believer in a philosophy of “square peg - round hole and finding a solution to making it fit." I feel as a community we need to work smarter do more with less and be innovative with our approach. My nomination based on the premise of the necessity for change, innovation, and strong governance.

What is your vision for Benalla?

To continue Benalla's growth as a vibrant rural city where it evolves into a destination of choice to relocate for a quality of life. A healthy tourism industry, encourage and support industry growth, promote entrepreneurship, a tech hub and relocation of existing businesses.

What local issues are you especially interested in?

The mental health and well-being of all our community, disconnected youths and ensuring we have our children school ready.

What would you like council to achieve in the next four years?

A leaner, efficient, operationally focussed result driven organisation. A back to basics approach roads, rates and rubbish with some funding left over to drive change tourism/industry, etc.

Your background - work experience, career, family, children, hobbies?

I am a retired veteran with 21 years service, coached athletes with disabilities for 5 years and currently the founder and owner of Primal Health Club. My interests are anything that involves time with family.

Best methods for residents and the community to contact you?

By phone or email: