Road Management Plan

What is a Road Management Plan?

Every four years, Councils across Victoria must review their Road Management Plan in line with the Victorian Government’s Road Management (General) Regulations 2016.

The plan outlines our responsibilities in ensuring our roads are safe. It is an operational document that we use to describe and plan how we work, manage and maintain our road and footpath network.

We manage a vast road network across Benalla Rural City. The Road Management Plan balances the expectations of the community with the resources we have available to maintain the network.

Download the current Road Management Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 4MB)

Draft Road Management Plan 2021-2025

Download the Draft Road Management Plan(PDF, 6MB). You can also view a hard copy of the Plan by contacting us to arrange a viewing if you are unable to download this file. 

Some roads within Benalla Rural City are managed by VicRoads. These are usually main roads (arterial roads) and freeways. If you would like information about a road that is not managed by the Council, go to the VicRoads website for maps highlighting declared and local roads.

How to give feedback

As we build our Road Management Plan 2021-2025, we want to understand how your use of the road network may have changed over the past four years. We categorise roads according to how they are used. We understand that road use does change over time. Has your road been categorised correctly? Does the service level of your road meet the needs of that road and its users?

We recommend finding the road segment in the document, finding its ID number and road use category, then checking to see what that category means in terms of service levels. If you see your road and it is listed as a main road or as a category that is not then detailed further, go to the VicRoads website for maps highlighting declared and local roads - the road is likely managed by VicRoads.

If you are happy for us to contact you about your feedback if we have more questions or would like more detail, please leave your most appropriate contact. 

Provide feedback by 5pmThursday 23 September 2021 using this online form or by contacting us. If you have questions about the Road Management Plan, contact us by email or by phone. 

You can also request an appointment to speak to us in the form below.

If you have feedback that is a specific request or if you're not sure if your concern relates to the Road Management Plan, contact us or report a problem

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