Mt Bruno

This page has been written by Marion Rak, Mt Bruno community member. 

Hobby farm at Mount Bruno Mt Bruno is an active community primarily made up of a number of small local businesses. The community shares harvesting and marketing of their produce which includes cherries, olives, raspberries, wine makers and citrus fruits. There are 24 houses in the valley. The community take pride in looking after community member’s well-being and the environment. The Mt Bruno community have established their own emergency services tree and have set up a safe house. A local Mt Bruno website has also been established and is used to connect all community members keeping everyone abreast of what’s going on.

Mt Bruno School was established at the turn of last century only lasting a short time before it was closed.

The last Saturday in October has been a celebration for the local and regional community with the Mt Bruno picnic. This family fun day has been running for 126 years and is attended by local schools, community groups, farmers and community members. This is an old fashioned type picnic with running and variety races where every child receives a prize. About 80 people attend this annual get together, with approximately 400 attending the centenary event a number of years ago. 

- Marion Rak

Image from Laurel Bennett and Rohan Latimer.