Wandering Cats and Dogs

wandering cat.jpg Did you know that your cat is never allowed to 'wander from the land where it is normally kept'? This is what our Local Law says in Section 56. In short, your cat is not allowed off your property. Most owners find that the easiest way to ensure they are following the law is to keep their cat inside at all times or in an appropriate cat enclosure, such as a cat run.

In Benalla Rural City, we do not have a curfew. The laws around wandering cats are effective at all times. 

Cats and dogs are not allowed to trespass on other people’s property under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

People have the right to object to dogs and cats being on their property without permission.

As with barking dogs, we encourage neighbours to communicate amicably about issues. If this doesn’t resolve the issue and it becomes a dispute, the Dispute Settlement Centre can help to mediate issues.

If trespassing animals continue to be a problem, under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and the Council’s local laws, owners of nuisance animals are subject to fines.

If a dog or cat is on your property without permission, you can notify the Council. People with animals that continually wander onto another person’s property without permission are subject to fines from the Council.