Jaycee Island

Image of Jaycee Island path and trees This river island is something of an enchanted space. Spot native birds and animals. Enjoy the River Red Gums, the secluded setting and charming views from the footbridges, and spend some time - there are picnic spots, barbecue facilities and a playground.

Jaycee Island, with its magnificent towering Moreton Bay Figs and exotic Bunya Bunya Pines, is the perfect place for a picnic or a playground visit. Jaycee Island sits on the walking track around Benalla Lake, which passes over Jaycee Island and through the Benalla Botanical Gardens.

A wonderful walking and cycling track encircling Lake Benalla takes you across boardwalks and past majestic red gums through picturesque botanical gardens and the natural splendour of the neighbouring bushland where birds and wildlife abound.

Take in the ducks and pelicans as they glide across the water, watch for native birds as they fly overhead and keep an eye out for shy wallabies sheltering in the tall grasslands. The lake surrounds are a paradise for wildlife.

Jaycee Island

26 Fawckner Drive,  Benalla, 3671, Victoria, Australia.