School Crossings

We patrol school zones from 8am-9.30am and from 2.30pm-4pm. During these times, speed limits are reduced to 40km/h. Being safe around school crossings means we can increase the safety of children on their way to and from school. 

Thanks to the Benalla Police for the photograph. 

We have 14 school crossings in Benalla which are controlled by 18 school crossing supervisors.

Under the Road Safety Road Rules 2017, whenever the school crossing flags are displayed, it is illegal to stop or park:

  • 20 metres before a school crossingKids at school crossing - thanks to Benalla Police for the photograph
  • 10 metres after a school crossing
  • within 10 metres of an intersection

If school crossing flags are displayed, you must stop for pedestrians. You must remain stopped until the crossing is clear. 

Rules around school crossings are made to keep our roads safe for children.