Advisory Committees, Community Asset Committees and Reference Groups

Accessibility  Reference Group

The Council is committed to improving access and inclusion for people of all ages and abilities who live, work and participate in the community. The Accessibility Reference Group assists the Council in this work.

Accessibility Reference Group Terms of Reference(PDF, 109KB)

Audit and Risk Committee

The Council is required to establish an Audit & Risk Committee under Section 53 of the Local Government Act 2020 to support Council in:

  • oversight responsibilities related to financial and performance reporting
  • risk management
  • fraud prevention systems and control
  • maintenance of a sound internal control environment
  • assurance activities including internal and external audit
  • performance with regard to compliance with its policies and legislative and regulatory requirements.

Audit and Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 399KB)

Australia Day Advisory Committee

Australia Day is a observed enthusiastically across Benalla Rural City with particular involvement of the smaller townships. The Australia Day Advisory Committee has been formed to assist in the development of celebrations that embrace and encourage the Rural City community to participate in Australia Day.

Australia Day Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 45KB)

Benalla Airport Advisory Committee

The Benalla Airport is a significant site that contributes to the diversity of industry and recreation in the local community.The Council has established the Benalla Airport Advisory Committee to oversee the operation of the Benalla Airport.

Benalla Airport Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 130KB)

Benalla Art Gallery Committee

The Benalla Art Gallery is one of the most popular and well recognised attractions of the Rural City. The Benalla Art Gallery Committee is a Community Asset Committee, set up to:

  • develop an monitor a Strategic Plan for the gallery
  • oversee the collection management and development
  • establish and maintain exhibition policies to inform the annual Exhibition Schedule
  • appoint Trustees to the Benalla Art Gallery Acquisition Trust Fund
  • raise funds.

Benalla Art Gallery Community Asset Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 752KB)

Benalla Festival Advisory Committee

The Benalla Festival is a hugely popular annual community event. The Benalla Festival Advisory Committee facilitates the organisation and running of the Benalla Festival.

Benalla Festival Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 41KB)

Benalla Street Art Advisory Committee

The Benalla Street Art Advisory Committee has formed to reinvigorate street art in Benalla! They are keen to deliver the first street art festival in March 2024, almost 5 years since the last one. Art is a part of Benalla’s culture, and our street art links in with our beautiful Art Gallery, Ceramic mural and our other artistic features. Silo and public art

The Advisory Committee will organise the Benalla Street Art Festival 2024 to 2027 (BSAF)

  • Develop a Benalla Street Art Reactivation Strategy to determine the scope and cost of a similar sized Festival as held in 2019.
  • Facilitate a BSAF of international standard to establish Benalla Rural City as a world leader in public art. 
  • Deliver a BSAF aimed at attracting increased visitation and generate increased economic benefit to Benalla Rural City.
  • Engage members of the community to assist in the delivery and promotion of the BSAF.
  • Ensure the successful engagement of the community and other stakeholders.
  • Support and facilitate ongoing communication between the Council and local community.

Benalla Street Art Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 199KB)

Benalla Riverine Parklands Advisory Committee

Benalla's riverine parkland is an iconic local attraction that benefits residents and visitors in many ways. The Benalla Riverine Parklands Advisory Committee provides strategic advice on existing, proposed and future activities in the parklands surrounding Lake Benalla.

Benalla Riverine Parklands Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 72KB)