Visitor Information Centre Redevelopment

VIC redevelopment artist impression.jpg

The Benalla Visitor Information Centre at 14 Mair Street, Benalla includes visitor servicing, being the provision of regional dispersal information and retail sales for visitors and residents, the Costume and Kelly Museum and work rooms for the Benalla Historical Society.

The venue attracts between 12,000 and 15,000 people per year, of which between 3,000 and 4,000 visit the Costume and Kelly Museum. 

The project will improve display space, enhance visitor engagement and enrich the Benalla Cinema experience. The project will also provide Benalla Rural City with a thriving, contemporary visitor servicing space, destination Museum and a new and modern cafe. 

The Visitor Information Centre is a major dispersal point for visitors to Benalla Rural City. It plays an important role in ensuring visitors stay longer and see more in our region, thus contributing in a direct and positive way to the visitor economy.

The Visitor Information Centre occupies a premium space on the foreshore of Lake Benalla well within walking distance of the central business district and retail precinct.

The visitor servicing function is accessed by both visitors and permanent residents for region-wide visitor and general information. 

At its meeting on 23 June 2021 the Council considered a report which presented details of a project, ‘Visitors, Cinema and History for Benalla’, to co-locate the existing Benalla Cinema within an expanded Visitor Information Centre and Costume and Kelly Museum building. At the meeting the Council resolved: “That the Visitors, Cinema and History for Benalla project be approved”.