Waste Collection

Recycling and general waste bins are emptied on alternative weeks, with organic waste on a weekly rotation. The bin service is compulsory and everyone receives the suite of bins that correlate to their property type. 

Urban residents receive a weekly organics (green) waste service while recycling and general waste bins are emptied on alternative weeks (fortnightly).

A weekly collection of general waste is available on application if you have nappies or medical waste to dispose of. For details go to our Special Needs Waste Collection page.

Rural residents have their general waste collected weekly and their recycling collected fortnightly, but do not have a green waste service. 

The recycle bin service is complimentary. You can select your bin size without additional costs.

All recyclables should be rinsed, plastics and cans squashed with lids removed and the bins placed at the kerbside the night before collection. Recyclables are comingled in the one bin.

All property owners can change any bin size. Visit our page about Changing Your Bin Size.

Visit our Charges & Application Forms page to apply for new bins or to change your bin size. 

When does my bin get collected? 

Use these maps to determine what area you are in - Urban A or B, Rural A or B. 

Urban Waste Collection Map(PDF, 130KB)

Rural Waste Collection Map(PDF, 154KB)

You can then use these calendars to find your waste collection days, according to which area your property is in:

Waste-Urban-Area-A-Collection-Calendar-Map-2024.pdf(PDF, 307KB)

Waste-Urban-Area-B-Collection-Calendar-Map-2024.pdf(PDF, 306KB)

Waste-Rural-Area-A-Collection-Calendar-Map-2024.pdf(PDF, 342KB)

Waste-Rural-Area-B-Collection-Calendar-Map-2024.pdf(PDF, 341KB)