Organisational Structure

Benalla Rural City is responsible for many services ranging from family and children’s services, waste management, community building and traffic management, to matters concerning business development, planning and ensuring accountability for Council’s budget. This broad range of community services and infrastructure supports the wellbeing and prosperity of our community.

The Local Government Act 2020 defines the role of a Council as follows: —

1. The role of a Council is to provide good governance in its municipal district for the benefit and wellbeing of the municipal community.

2.  A Council provides good governance if—

a.  it performs its role in accordance with section 9;
b.  the Councillors of the Council perform their roles in accordance with section 28.

3.  In performing its role, a Council may—

     a.  perform any duties or functions or exercise any powers conferred on a Council by or under this Act or any other Act; and
perform any other functions that the Council determines are necessary to enable the Council to perform its role.

4.  If it is necessary to do so for the purpose of performing its role, a Council may perform a function outside its municipal district. 9 Overarching governance principles and supporting principles