Chesney Vale

This page has been written by Freida Andrews, Chesney Vale community member.

Image of the Mokoan Hub at the Winton Wetlands Chesney Vale is located just 20 minutes from the township of Benalla. It is one of the rural areas that offer the diversity of landscape and community that make up the Benalla Rural City.

The area has a long agricultural history. Several farming families in the area are descendants of those that developed the land and formed a strong and resilient community which still exists today. The recently reclaimed Winton Wetlands with its spectacular landscape and broad biodiversity value adds a unique beauty to the area.  

The Chesney Vale Hills are also significant as they are recognised for their high biodiversity values and are home to a long list of threatened species. Conservation Reserves and the vast tracts of privately owned bush that link isolated parcels of crown land, make this area a must for bird watchers and others interested in wildlife. Conservation Projects have been, and continue to be, conducted in this area, for example, the Inland Carpet Python and the Turquoise Parrot Projects amongst others.  

More recently the community of Chesney Vale has grown significantly due to the subdivision of one of the original properties into building blocks. With magnificent views, its close proximity to Benalla and the enthusiasm of those who are choosing to make this their home, Chesney Vale is set to become one of the significant rural areas of Benalla Rural City.