Bed & Breakfast

Requirements under the Benalla Planning Scheme

The term ‘Bed and Breakfast’ comes under the land use term ‘Accommodation’. The need for a planning permit is determined by the zone and overlays on the land.


Under the Benalla Planning Scheme, bed and breakfast is defined as “a dwelling, used by a resident of the dwelling, to provided accommodation for persons away from their normal place of residence”.

Use the navigational structure at the top of this page to find out more about planning permit requirements for bed and breakfasts. If you're unsure whether you need a planning permit and would like to discuss it with us, call and book for a discussion about your proposal. 


Is a planning permit required?

A permit is required in both rural and residential zones if:

  • More than six people can be accommodated in the property (and away from their normal place of residence)
  • There is not the equivalent of one car parking space per two people able to be accommodated in the property.

Permits are required to run a bed and breakfast in most other zones.

Advertising and signage

Category 3 & 4

High amenity areas and sensitive areas (including rural and residential areas) are restricted to one advertising sign per premises and the advertisement area must not exceed 0.2 metres squared.

Category 2

In office and industrial areas, the total advertisement area of all signs must not exceed eight metres squared, not including directional signs.

Category 1

In business areas, the total advertisement area of all signage needs to be less than eight metres squared. This doesn’t include signs with advertising area of less than a metre and a half below a verandah, or, if there isn’t a verandah, that are less than 3.7 metres above pavement level.


Buildings and works

A planning permit may be required for buildings and works associated with the construction of a dwelling. Bed and breakfasts fall into this category. Planning permits dependent on the zone and overlay provisions are required. 

Before commencing work, use or development of a site for a bed and breakfast, call us to set up an appointment to discuss your proposal.