Noise Complaints

If you're experiencing noise that is annoying, distracting or physically harmful, you're experiencing noise pollution. This is subjective and doesn't means the same thing to everyone. 

Any noise can be considered unreasonable.

Residential Noise

The Residential Noise Regulations outline noise issues and times considered unreasonable if they can be heard in a neighbour's home - even with the windows open. The list isn't definitive and other noises can be considered unreasonable. 

View the Residential Noise Regulations.

Common residential noise complaints include noisy air conditioners, motorised equipment, loud music and people talking outside at a party. 

Noise can interfere with a person's wellbeing - especially if a person's sleep is disturbed due to noise.

On the other hand, noise is normal and sometimes unavoidable. 

Speak to your neighbours if you have a concern about noise. It's usually easily resolved with a discussion. If the noise continues, we recommend keeping a log book of when the noise occurs and contacting us. 

For more information about how to resolve noise disputes, visit:

 If noise is caused by your neighbour's pets, see our information on Barking dogs.

Commercial and Industrial Noise

Noise from businesses can impact on local communities in a negative way - especially when the noise occurs at night and disturbs sleep. We need to make sure that community wellbeing is protected while balancing the needs of industry. 

To report noise issues from commercial or industrial premises, you can call us at the Council or report the issue to the EPA.

Construction Noise

Construction sites are a major cause of noise complaints across Victoria. The ongoing nature of construction work can make issues more significant than they would be on their own. Common issues include loud radios, early starts and long days.

If you have a complaint about construction noise, contact us.