Rural road and urban addressing

Local Government is responsible for assigning rural and urban property addresses in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand: Rural and Urban Addressing AS/NZS 4819:201 guidelines. Every address is unique and is made up of an address number, road name and locality.

There are various reasons why you may require a new rural or urban property address. If you apply for a Planning, Building or Septic Tank permit and don’t have an address, then you will need to apply for one, to proceed. You can also apply to change your delegated address if you live on a corner block (new urban subdivisions only).

  • Urban addresses are assigned to vacant land that has never had an address assigned. New subdivisions within the Benalla township urban area are assigned through the Planning permit process.
  • Rural road numbers (RRN) are assigned if the property is within a rural area.  RRN allocation follows a distance-based measurement system. The RRN is based on the distance in metres divided by 10 measured from the start of the road to the entrance of the property. Odd numbers are allocated on the left and even numbers on the right.

Addresses are not assigned to new subdivisions if they are in a rural area at the Planning Permit stage. A rural road number application needs to be submitted before an address is assigned.

Your application must include a supporting map that clearly marks the entrance or driveway of the property with accurate distances to the nearest boundaries. Once assigned, we will notify you by letter of your official property address.

We also inform the Spatial Division at the Department of Environment, Land and Water (DELWP) to update Victoria’s authoritative geocoded database VicMap Address. The property address is then available for use by government departments including the Titles Office and  emergency services along with utility groups and GPS navigation system providers like Google maps.  

If you want your new property address to be your postal address, you will need to contact Australia Post.  

Download the RRN and Urban Address application form(PDF, 783KB)

Save the form to your computer before entering details. When you're done save the form again before printing or attaching it to an email.