Adventure Park

Image of Rocket Slide The Adventure Park, located in the Benalla Botanical Gardens, was upgraded in 2017. The iconic rocket slide, which is more than 50 years old, continues to be a famous Benalla landmark for visitors and residents.

The redeveloped Adventure Park is for everyone of all abilities. It features an inclusive, fun and nature-based space which draws on elements of the gardens’ distinctive environment and location.

Key to the play space design is the water play and ‘river’ running through the centre of the playground which takes its cue from the adjacent Broken River. The river forms a central path with sandpit ‘eddies’ located at bends along the way, flanked by local mudstone and logs.

Coloured ceramic pieces add interest to the river playscape. Hobbit holes, provided by the Benalla Ceramic Mural Committee, provide a perfect space for climbing and playing.

The facility has upgraded amenities, including picnic facilities manufactured by Benalla P-12 College’s Hands-on Learning students which adjoin the barbecue area.

Plans for the Adventure Park were developed by Andrew Laidlaw, who is renowned for several children’s precincts around Victoria, including the award-winning children’s garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.