Mobile Food Vans & Markets Stalls

Image of people in line at a food van In Victoria, all food premises, including temporary premises such as food vans and market stalls, need comply with the Food Act 1984 (Food Act).

The Council monitors the safety of food sold at markets, events and festivals. These are considered in the category of Mobile Food Vans and Market Stalls, and include any temporary food stalls, including sausage sizzles.

To comply with the Food Act, all market stalls, temporary food sellers and mobile food vans need to register or notify and provide a Statement of Trade.

Information about selling any food, including eggs, from a temporary premises is available on Streatrader is also the online system required for Food Act registration with the Council.

You can use Streatrader to apply for Food Act registration, manage your registration, and lodge a Statement of Trade for each event you hold. To fulfil your legal requirements under the Food Act, Statements of Trade need to be submitted at least five days before trading.


If you submit a proposed temporary food business, the Council will contact you to discuss your proposed temporary food business and ensure compliance with all food safety requirements.

For detailed information about food safety requirements, download the Benalla Rural City Temporary Food Premises Guidelines(PDF, 355KB).

Penalties apply for selling food without current Food Act registration or notification.

Online form for an Application for a Street Stall or Trading Permit

Packaged Meat Retailers

If you intend on selling packaged, uncooked meat at a temporary premises, please contact Benalla Rural City Council on 03 5760 2600 to discuss the specialised requirements.

Selling packaged meat from stall or vehicle(PDF, 93KB).