Former Benalla Migrant Camp Conservation Management Plan

Published on 14 May 2018

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Former Benalla Migrant Camp Conservation Management Plan(PDF, 4MB). The plan includes three related documents: 

The Former Benalla Migrant Camp has considerable social and historic significance for many families. In addition, it has historic significance for the State of Victoria. 

The Conservation Management Plan asses the cultural heritage value of the Camp and provides a heritage policy framework to guide management and development of the site.

The Conservation Management Plan builds on, and draws from, work undertaken in previous assessments and reports prepared on the site and this includes the Heritage Assessment prepared by Heritage Concepts (2015) and the Benalla Migrant Camp: A Difficult Heritage, written by Bruce Pennay (2016).

The Conservation Management Plan includes a summary history which focuses on documenting the history of site when it was a migrant camp. The history also makes reference to:

  • The early pastoral settlement of the area
  • The period the site was developed as an airfield
  • Its use during the war as the No 11 Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS).



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