Cr Bernie Hearn



First Elected - 9 November 2016 – 24 October 2020
Deputy Mayor - 13 November 2019 – 23 October 2020
Mayor - 10 November 2021 –15 November 2023

Councillor Hearn represents Council on the following committees:

  • Australia Day Advisory Committee
  • Benalla Festival Advisory Committee
  • CEO Performance Review Advisory Committee
  • Communications Advisory Committee
  • Accessibility Reference Group
  • Benalla Indoor Recreation Centre Committee of Management Incorporated
  • United Friendly Society Reserve Committee of Management Incorporated
  • Benalla Local Safety and Traffic Liaison Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Municipal Association of Victoria


Why did you nominate for election to council?

A need for change. A perfect opportunity to renew the support for the growth of our community. I saw a need for my expertise and I had a yearning to help.

What is your vision for Benalla?

My vision is to create a collective community that helps and supports each other to achieve our dreams, starting with our town’s youth. A stronger more prosperous town focused on supporting local business, growth and development of local services, also supporting young professionals.

What local issues are you especially interested in?

Innovation, development and support. Key local issues at present are: Local waste management, Youth Mental and Social Health, in Town Services. Early Education Intervention and Access to Effective Education for all Children. Also, support for local and small businesses to keep their doors open and continue servicing our town and access for employment for the youth.

What would you like council to achieve in the next four years?

An active and responsive council that focuses on developing a collective community that supports the future of Australian local businesses to thrive in the town.  Making our town a better place to live and improve our lifestyle.

Your background - work experience, career, family, children, hobbies?

 I am a Benalla policeman’s daughter, one of nine children, wife and mother of two sons, book keeper and office admin manager. We run a Warmblood breeding stud and farm, specialising in development and training of show jumping horses.

Best methods for residents and the community to contact you?

By phone or by email