Business Permits


We have tried to make it as easy as possible to operate a successful business in Benalla Rural City with our one-stop-shop approach.

Various licences and permits are required when starting your own business. This is especially dependent on the industry. Some industries are more highly regulated than others to protect consumers and residents. More information about general licences and regulations can be found on the Business Victoria website

View our page for more information about Local Business Regulations

Whether you’re starting a business or looking to expand, contact the Business Development Coordinator to find out how Council can help ensure you’re on the right track.


Place an A-Frame sign on the footpath

You need a permit for trading activities on roads and footpaths. This includes putting furniture on the street for outdoor dining or goods outside for sale.

Read more information about commercial activities on footpaths.

Operate a food van or set up a market stall

The Food Act 1984 (Food Act) requires you to register and notify the Council if you want to set up a temporary food premises, including a food van or a market stall.

See our page about mobile food vans and market stalls for more information and to fill in the online form. 


Hold a sausage sizzle or fundraiser

If you belong to a community group and would like to raise funds through selling food, please visit the Victorian Health Department's page Information for Community Groups for more information.

If you would like to run a cake stall as a fundraiser, check out this information for Food Fundraisers – Cake Stalls, which includes handy cake handling tips.

If you’re planning on running a charity sausage sizzle, click here to access information for Food Fundraisers – Sausage Sizzles.

Call the Council if you have any questions about how to ensure your food fundraiser complies with food regulations.

For more information about running an event in Benalla Rural City, including the Application for a Fundraising Permit, visit our Events page.

Drive a B-Double truck

Most local roads are managed by the Council. Load limits apply on these roads. Contact us for more information about load limits and how to get a permit if you need to move through Benalla Rural City.


Distribute printed advertising material

Distributing advertising material on any road or public area requires a permit. This includes any promotional items or print media.


Put a bin out for charity

Large containers owned by a charity organisation must comply with provisions made in the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998. Other state and federal legislation may apply. Contact us for information about relevant permits.


Install advertising signs

A planning permit is required to install advertising signs in particular areas. Read about the permit and the information required to apply for a planning permit for advertising