Fawckner Drive Masterplan adopted

Published on 16 February 2024

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Benalla Rural City Council has given the green light to the Benalla Fawckner Drive Masterplan, marking a significant milestone in the enhancement of an important community space.

The Masterplan was adopted during the Council meeting held on 14 February 2024.

The precinct, centrally located in Benalla, is a popular destination for locals, boasting monthly markets and recreational facilities such as the Skatepark and BMX track. The Masterplan, developed with input from community recreation experts and extensive community engagement, including feedback from over 100 participants, aims to address the diverse needs of residents and precinct users.

Mayor Cr Danny Claridge expressed enthusiasm for the Masterplan, emphasising its focus on connectivity, sustainability, and inclusivity. "This Masterplan is all about ensuring that everyone in our community has access to enjoyable and accessible spaces," Mayor Claridge remarked.

The Masterplan proposes various enhancements, including upgrades to existing facilities, installation of new amenities such as a Pump Track and a flying fox, and improvements to pedestrian pathways. Additionally, it incorporates versatile spaces for events, sports activities, picnics, and fitness.

“A key feature of the Masterplan is its flexibility, allowing for the transformation of spaces to accommodate different community needs,” Cr Claridge said. “For instance, the sports area can easily be adapted into a market or event space, enhancing its utility and appeal.”

Financially, the Council is committed to supporting the implementation of the Masterplan, drawing on a combination of internal funding and external support, including contributions from the Victorian Government.

"The adoption of the Benalla Fawckner Drive Masterplan heralds an exciting new chapter for our community," Mayor Cr Claridge affirmed. "We are dedicated to ensuring that this beloved precinct evolves in line with the needs of our residents."

The Masterplan will undergo regular reviews to ensure its ongoing relevance and effectiveness in meeting community needs.

View the Masterplan here.(PDF, 8MB)

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